This festival is possible thanks to the participation of many people, each of them offering something different.

No one is better than anybody else

The artist expressing through a creation as well as the sponsor donating money, the volunteer sharing time or the collaborator offering materials.

This is just an example of what can be offered by the people who take part, because on the path to conFusión we all get confused and exchange roles, we join forces and contribute many more things that we could imagine.

You can also be part of it

As an artist or a space

Call 2018

Opening date: May 5th

Closing date: June 20th

The festival is a meeting point for free expression which is home to all sorts of proposals, everybody is welcome to share whatever they wish. That is why we consider that the artists do no simply “participate” in the festival but they build the festival itself.
This construction process takes place in private spaces in the district like houses, terraces, garages, balconies, repair shops (and some public spaces as streets, squares or parks too). Those spaces are not normally used for such events but for two days they open doors, get confused and experience something different to their everyday life.


As a volunteer…

The festival is entirely organized by volunteers. Nobody gets a single cent for making it happen.

Nevertheless we get many other things: knoledge, experiences, friends, values, life lessons, contacts… in the end the most precious thing we get is: happiness.

Help us working from within and creating a unique experience

As a collaborator …

There is a huge cultural fabric in Benimaclet and all over Valencia. It might have been a bit asleep for the past few years but it only needs new chances to wake up. This is one of them.

Here you can see some of last year’s collaborators who we are still very grateful for.

If you are part of a collective, association, company, group of friends… ¡anything! that can contribute something to the festival, material or immaterial, do not hesitate to contact us

As a sponsor …

The philosophy of conFusión is to share as much as possible, that is why it can be created with such a small budget; however, some of the things that are necessary to organize the festival are difficult to get for free and we need to pay for them.

Money can be donated in different ways: through the crowdfunding, in the piggy banks during the festival and the pre-festival events or making a donation, as many of the district business have done.

If you feel like donating some money to help us with the festival expenses write us and we will tell you which is the best way to do it. Every single drop of water helps filling the glass up