Benimaclet conFusión festival doesn’t want to be a simple cultural and artistic event, it aims to be a channel of cultural promotion, defending and putting into practice values such as community feeling, sharing, integration, free expression and creativity. All of those inherent to every single human being, but in risk to fade into the confusion of the everyday life.

The festival wants to become a platform for meeting and dialogue, open to everyone; a possibility for those who have something to communicate and a stimulus for the ones who are willing to listen.

There are no business directly involved and there are no fees or similar, since we consider that people and their potential should be the base of the festival, in place of selling products or setting prices.

Houses and streets are transformed into stages were multiple disciplines intertwine and mix up to create an excessive amount of proposals which bring the audience to feel the need to choose something in the face of what is usually done in the everyday life.

We try to make impossible things possible, to show that it is possible to sort things out differently, to live out of the box and to go beyond the normal standards we are used to.


We are experiencing crisis period where most of us are an example of one of the best culturized generations as well as one of the most frustrated ones in history. We spend years studying, working, learning and all for a life that does not always pay back. The precarious and uncertain situation in which we live can undermine our moral and distract us from everything else. People’s worth tends to be mistaken for economic success or social position. This fact easily leads to people not believing in themselves and forgetting their own dreams, competing for something that may not be so important and bottling up, afraid.

However, simply by being human beings, complex beings who can think, feel emotions, communicate, grow day after day, we all have an immense potential: ourselves. That will never be taken from us. After every life there is a special and particular world that would be so worth exploring, so many new things we would learn! We are all unique and extraordinary. We all have abilities, gifts and knowledge, different, but not less valuable. If we don’t share our ness, if we don’t open ¿What’s the point of existence?

¿Con fusión o confusión?

Change is a fact of life and that is inevitable. Everything changes, from politics and economy to fashion and social conventions. Even our friends and relatives do. We ourselves change, biologically, unconsciously, inevitably. Change is time going by, transforming everything, simply because it is a river that flows and never stops. Opposing change may not make much sense, especially in the globalized and complex world we live in since we cannot even grasp the complicated dynamics of it or have control over our fate. Accepting that things aren’t the way they used to and will never be as they aren’t doesn’t mean we are surrendering but emancipating and choosing to either be a passive actor or an active one in the change to be. We can be content with being like leaves blown away on the storm or become aware and turn into ships moving ahead full sail.

Where to go, with whom and how are the challenging questions we are to answer.

Respecting the district

To talk about Benimaclet means more than simply talking about a district in Valencia. Benimaclet is the canvas where the neighbors can express their values, and in our case, it is the instrument that sings our confused melody.

Way before a meeting point of unimaginable expressions, Benimaclet is a piece of the world where people from “here” and “there” meet, human beings from different “whens” and “wheres” always able to give you a “good morning” and willing to share their infinite spare smiles with everyone around.

That’s why the things that happen in Benimaclet during confused days are special and deserve a special treatment. It is very important for us to be aware and make sure that the canvas stays white, sharp and clearly defined. May the beauty of it be the only thing attracting our glances, no stains, no blurs or dirt that can damage that precious work that we all, visitors and neighbours, create.

May art be the whole not giving rise to dirt.

Appreciating art

Benimaclet conFusión festival doesn’t sell any sort of tickets. Everybody is welcome and can access every space and performance freely and for free.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the art that is offered is worthless. On the contrary, music, art, expression, performances, activities… all those are given and shared without expecting anything back and that makes every detail especially rich.

Our society may tend to set a price to everything but conFusión wants to explore different paths, going beyond the boundaries of what we are used to, proving that when collaborating anything is possible and even more beautiful.

However, it is essential to realize that the organization team working on the festival works, from May, many hours every day. The artists spend their time learning, rehearsing and tweaking their technique to be able to carry out their projects and share them with the world. The spaces that open to the public for the festival need to previously get ready, sometimes involving outlays.