Benimaclet ConFusión festival is an event of artistic expression which takes place in the Valencian district of Benimaclet. The performances both in the pedestrian streets and in the spaces involved aim to give voice to the artistic soul of this district.  It’s a unique opportunity to live directly the atmosphere which each day hides inside the creative tissue of Benimaclet. The public will have the possibility of enjoying the festival for free in every space of the tour drawing its own path.

This project is addressed to all the people who wants to share their ideas (musician, painters, photographers, video maker, monologuists,actors, authors, poets, jugglers…) as so as to those who wants to share their own private space (home, terrace, ground floor, balcony, studio…) to host/organize some events. This last category includes also the centres and the cultural associations.

Anyone can send us his suggestion through the call we open each year. We accept every type of original artistic suggestion, with a human base and which inspires values to promote armony and coexistence among people. Commercial offices like pubs and bars won’t be directly involved with the festival activities.

However we want to cooperate with places of entertainment to let the public continue visiting and discovering the district also after the festival.

The festival has no profit aim,  the money obtained through donations will be used only to cover production expenses.

The District

Benimaclet, with its pedestrian streets, its old houses, its familiar atmosphere, is a little village inside the growing city of València. It mantains anyway the magic of feeling part of a community where everyone maybe knows everybody, at least by sight and share activities and common spaces.

Originally it was born as an arab farmhouse (from here its name which means “Maclet’s son”), a little rural community of few families dedicate to agriculture. In 1978 it was integrated into the city of València as a district and from then on it has grown as a residential and commercial district.

Recently, thanks to the proximity of the university campus, it has stand out as an ideal centre to live in for many local and foreign young people. It’s not unusual to find oneself talking suddenly to people with a clear italian, french or latin american accent and at the same continue a conversation in Valencian among friends from Sueca and Denia.

Dedicated to…

Benimaclet has something special: its residents.

Among them there are people who fight from many years to defend ideals and values,

Artists from every discipline who fill with notes and colors the streets of the district,

Social-cultural actors who give hours and hours of work to the common good. Every person who has lived in this village between the city and the “horta” can think about one example of these types and among them, of course, he can emphasize at least one meeting who has particularly surprise him and changed him forever.

In our case, the conFusión one, this meeting happened when still this festival was only a great illusion which was searching for a first support to become reality.

After searching for so long in vain, a lovely friend presented us a man who from then on, even if he didn’t know us, gave us always and only what we demanded for.

Without him conFusión wouldn’t exist. The festival of this year is dedicated to you, Paco, your partner Mila and the other members of the Experimental Image Association.

For being the first to believe possible the impossible.

For having shared your time, space, material and experience with a great hearth.

For being an example, with your actions, of an extraordinary world which, although is not present, does exist.

We are part of…

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Cultural and Urban Initiatives Platform in València

We are cofounders of this group of nine cultural and urban initiatives born in the last years in the city of Valencia whose common aim is to develop differents independent cultural projects of plastic arts, dramatic arts, music, dance and street art among others expressions.

The difference which characterize these initiatives together with new forms of doing, stresses the need and urgency to investigate other models of management. Participation, collaboration and self administration of the urban districts are key part to the development of the culture, social cohesion and impulse to the economy.

At a practical level, this alliance it’s real in order to share resources, find finances,  dynamize the dialogue with different administration and work in network with other platforms or groups at a statal and international level.


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