In 2014, three friends who lived in the Benimaclet neighbourhood were gathered in the house of one of them, and in between they were creating some music, they came up with an idea: create an extraordinary and with huge social impact artistic event, bringing what they knew how to do. They thought that if other people could share their art and houses, a unique festival could be done, created by the people and without economic interest.

And that’s how conFusión’s history began.

Tenth edition

Iconic X aniversary. This edition was trademarked by transparency, recycling and the magenta colour.

Ninth edition

The fusion and inverse set-up edition!

Eighth edition

We are back on the streets, with the “trencadís” identity. Tons of small, coloured and mishapped pieces can create big things.

Seventh edition

This was the year we had to reinvent ourselves, developing the festival in one only and unique location… streaming!

Sixth edition

The pink?… purple?… bougainvillea year! This edition we wanted to see if there were another zones, neighbourhoods or towns that wanted to organize conFusión in their own land, and there’s where a group of people from Cabanyal threw themselves into their first edition.

Fifth edition

The green year! Every year we change our identity entirely to symbolize that every edition is different, according to the people that are involved in the festival. This year, there was no logo. We wanted to set up straight the statement that we’re not a brand, and in the same time, encourage people to produce their own posters, with the typography and bracket they wanted. We didn’t even have our own posters; we requested kilometres of coloured scotch tape and stick it all through Benimaclet.

Fourth edition

The orange year!

This edition featured the search for the most ecologic spreading of the festival’s voice. A carved, handmade stamp was made, and with it, there were made all posters with papers and cardboard gathered from Benimaclet’s stationery shops, and even our own t-shirts were made from that stamp. Beside all that, we just printed 100 hand programs copies, just for people with problems checking the online program.

Third edition

A group of conFusión’s volunteers create the orfheo.org platform and become a great step when the artists’ calling needed to be managed.

Second edition

With great memories on their heads, a bunch more of people decided to participate in this second edition.

First edition

All around the Benimaclet’s neighbourhood started to appear these provocative posters in which there’s only a white canvas and invites people to take part of it. And underneath, it just appears a date and the webpage. This is conFusión’s first edition poster.

They talked with all the collectives and associations active back then in Benimaclet and invite them to participate. The artistic proposals where managed with lots of energy and hope by all the volunteers, not knowing how it will end, and believing in the project they decided to join strength.

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