For everything we’ve lived together these two days.

Participants, artists, spaces and organization made magic everytime we’ve shared ourselves, everytime we’ve been carried away by the atmosphere and everytime we wanted to. Art has been present in homes, streets and spaces of Benimaclet, available to everyone who wanted to experience it. The respect towards the neighbourhood and people living in it has been our main priority. No doubts this is the path to be followed.

The 4th edition is closed but the philosophy of #benimacletconFusión keeps flowing.

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If you enroll you will have a great time!

Helen Westwater
Helen WestwaterRollin’ House Space and owner of the Ola Fresca

conFusión influenced me making me believe more in what I’m doing, in the ideas I have and that these ones can turn into something real.

Alex Martí
Alex MartíConfused voluntary

I liked very much to participate in the preparation of the street scenographies, it was a very creative part and a possibility to interact with the urban spaces.

Miriam Celades
Miriam CeladesConfused voluntary

I forgot the daily life responsibilities while walking through those labyrinthine streets full of art. I felt free and embraced within such conFusión.

Carmen Sogues
Carmen SoguesFestival visitor

I could say that the conFusión festival has significantly altered my life…And yes, that’s what I’ll say.

Nel·lo Royner
Nel·lo RoynerMusician

Making contact with people during the festival is what moved us together with the strenght to build the Manufacture Laboratory always open to the public.

Laboratorio de Fabricación
Laboratorio de FabricaciónSpace

From behind the counter of el Chico Ostra I have been able to see the festival being born and I have got the chance to meet the volunteers who organize it. I admire such people who selflessly assume lots of work, cooperating year after year with the development of a wonderful district.

Raquel Tamayo
Raquel TamayoChico Ostra’s owner

Thanks to the fact of participating in the organization I could produce and edit again videos.

Diana Tejero
Diana TejeroConfused voluntary

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